Guigiaro Namir, fastest car in the world

in the arena Genève motor show in 2009 became the center of attention from various media throughout the automotive world.
understand, because in this place be a car that can run up to a maximum speed of 300 km / h Sprint 0-100 km / h only 3.5 seconds, while 0-200 km / hour, 10.4 seconds. only fair to mention the car in the fastest car in the world.
the car in the name Guigiaro Namir, namir word comes from the arab language, which means tiger. car works of collaboration between the famous design house of origin italy, and frazer nash experts tenkologi and electronic hybrid of English.

"Technology is a sophisticated electrical system and electronic avant-garde that is packaged with a form of aggressive body design with the aggressive," commented Fabrizio Giugiaro, Director and Vice Presdir Style Italdesign is also the son of Giorgetto Giugiaro, the founder of Italdesign.

Touch screen
The middle of a letter V shape made from carbon fibers that are printed in one piece. Other body components that be painted with the color orange to use aluminum.

Additional solar panels are assigned as a source of energy to enable AC in the car. Aesthetics car looks when all doors closed: glass aft of the engine hood to the back of the driver and the passengers. So, down to the side door that opened with scissors style.

Look cool with the 20-inch OZ velg, 245/40 in front, 275/40 rear of Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta. For lighting, use bi-xenon lights. Meanwhile, in the back, light sein, rear, and LED brake all types, are in a box. However, the color is different.

For the interior, Italdesign take minimalist concept. The goal is to create space for drivers and passengers. Control systems and the information displayed on three monitors touch is the result of the creativity and expertise with Italdesign Giugiaro severity Frazer-Nash in the field of electronics.

Three touch screen monitor mounted on the rear wheel heksagonal. On this screen there is a command or button to infotainment, GPS information, hi-fi, AC, technical information such as battery charging, the amount of fuel, temperature of the interior, exterior, messages and other warnings.

There are other interesting features on the interior. To operate the cruise control, exterior lights, windshield wiper, and the rearview mirror, just the touch of a fingertip. All that, make a tiger of collaboration Italy and the UK this is called the concept of reasonable modern supercar.

Aston Martin one-77, these cars in the world

these new cars in the world, the name Aston Martin one-77, next to the fastest car and the new limited idition launch in Paris motor show, direct message that many people, especially for sports car lovers and collectors a number of orders had reached 100 , Aston Martin one-77 will be in the new release in 2009 and these cars become in the world.

Paris Hilton car color Pink diamonds titivate

truly incredible, Fashionista Paris Hilton, he willingly spent 200,000 Pounds Sterling funds, in order to satisfy desires to have the car decorated with diamonds.

Cited as The Sun, Paris is planning a car ornament Bentley Continental GT with the cost 200,000 Pounds Sterling or equivalent Rp3, 4 billion. Accents sweetener selected to decorate the car Paris this time was sowing the dashboard on the diamond. Paris car was purchased as a gift at Christmas time USD200 thousand or Rp 2 billion.

To realize these dreams, Paris also told people to contact the party's faith Bentley. "When people want to decorate the Paris dashboard with several precious diamonds, we are quite surprised and upset," said spokesperson for the Bentley.

In fact, the economic crisis is never the style of Paris so glamorous. Paris is to buy a Bentley car berbalut exterior color pink. Start from the body, grille to center the disk rim.

"While still small, you definitely want to have a dream car color pink as Barbie. I buy this car because Barbie fan since a long time," said this sosialita beautiful.

The first car of the sun, called Eleano

University students from MIT who joined the team in the "MIT's Solar Electric Vehicle" to make the car such as the form of plane and the skin coated with solar panels. This environmentally friendly car sold and the price of $ 243,000.

the car in the name Eleanor. on the side of a similar speed aircraft capable of reaching 90 mph